Today is my last day as an official “New Yorker” as we fly out to Lisbon on a one-way ticket tonight with my husband and 3 kids.  Thirteen of the hardest, craziest, most fun, exhilarating chapters of my life. That chapter is closed.   So in lieu of an AI or Storytelling insight….may I present to […]

Why we are leaving NY—->Lisbon

I am obsessed with this brand, Midday Squares, and confession – I only JUST ordered their product.  How can it be that I am obsessed with a brand for the better part of a year…and only just became a customer? It’s because they are marketing geniuses. Actually, correction…they are storytelling geniuses. Cliff Notes: they are […]

Steal These Storytelling Secrets from Breakout Brand Midday Squares

Let’s talk Storytelling. The word is so overused, right? If Video was the most overused marketing word of the last few years, I feel like STORYTELLING  is a first cousin.  Don’t get me wrong, storytelling really IS EVERYTHING, but when marketers use the word so freely without actually defining what it means in context, it […]

A Tip I Use to Write Better Stories