You want to build the business of your dreams or turn that side hustle into a full-time hustle. You want to get to the next level of your business. But you need some help. Well, it's here and I'm so excited to meet you.

you want more sales.

more clients.

more visibility.

more influence.

The Signature Course Library

As a founder or expert in your field, learning how to craft your story and share it authentically is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal...but it is not easy to do on your own.

My storytelling courses, programs & interactive workshops will equip you with the skills to:

  • Connect on a deeper level with your audience and build true understanding.
  • Inspire others with the ability to share your “why” in a way that moves people to action.
  • Attract press, investors, clients and partners who want to support your meaningful work.
  • Grow your community and customer base as people feel invested in your vision and values.
  • Learn how to flaunt your flaws...and watch your influence and reach multiply.

Are you ready to take your message and movement to the next level?

Unlock the Power of Storytelling to Grow Your Impact

Invest in developing this essential skill with me and my team of experts

Creating engaging video content is a game-changer for growing your brand, business or message.

But where do you start?
My Video Mini-Course is your passport to becoming a confident digital storyteller with proven frameworks from my decade as an award winning producer at The TODAY show, Bloomberg TV and CNN.

video mini-course

for the first-time video storyteller

Tired of putting yourself out there to crickets or agonizing over what you should share? Imagine effortlessly turning any of your marketing content into an opportunity to connect deeply and convert your audience into raving fans & repeat customers.

Business Storytelling essentials

For the entrepreneur ready to have more impact, income, and influence

Whether you’re an entrepreneur pitching investors or a marketer engaging customers, a strategic story can accelerate your success.

Now you can create them in half the time...using my ai storytelling frameworks.

This class is not a list of generic chat GPT prompts, but my proven AI process for how to craft compelling stories that connect with your audience on a deep psychographic level and get them excited to buy from you or work with you specifically -all while keeping your unique voice alive

Ignite your narrative

For the entrepreneur ready for a content shortcut

YOU are the superpower in your business and the more you can connect on a deeper level with your audience, the more success you will see. The trouble is...most people don’t know how to tell the story of themselves in a way that makes people want to care. Learn how to uncover the story that will move your tribe and then learn how to film it so it looks like you hired a team of professionals to create it. ( will be our secret.)

Founder's fire

for the growing business

Do you crave clarity around your brand messaging, video strategy, or content plan and need a quick and dirty session with your "business bestie"? Hi! That's me! Let's accelerate your revenue generation and impact together.

content power hour