Hear me out, because I, too, have said, “the hook is the most important part of your story.”But I am changing my tune. Why? Because of AI and programs like Chat GPT. My main wingman Claude can vomit out a TON of really awesome Hooks in SECONDS. Let me show you my original Email headline that […]

Why the most important part of your story IS NOT your opening line.

My biological dad left my family when I was 5 years old. I promise I’m not sending you down my personal Lifetime Movie path. I have a point so please bear with me. It’s something I didn’t think about often but as I get older and continue to do the storytelling work I do, I […]

1 tender, painful, honest story

I know you are all HUMMING it. I’m sorry for that.  I made a shit ton of mistakes when I started my business at the top of 2017. Yes, going through the mistakes is part of the entrepreneurial process. But not pivoting soon enough in another direction is the reason most people like us don’t […]

If I Could Turn Back Time

The difference between your Founder Story and your Brand Story. They are not the same story even though there may be overlap. What differs is the primary objective of each story. The Founder story is overridingly meant to sell yourself. NOT your business.The Brand Story is overridingly meant to sell your business. NOT yourself. The […]

Your Founder Story v. Brand Story

SHE. DID. IT. I popped my Linkedin Live Cherry! And the Blazer and power gold necklace was in full glory. In case you missed our live a while ago, my friend, mentor and polar opposite in camera energy personality Terry Rice and I spent the better part of an hour talking about: Terry kicked off the […]

Linkedin Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Your founder story is one of your most valuable assets when telling your company’s origin story.

The Power of a Video Founder Story

How much time do you have? Because there were SO MANY MISTAKES I made when I first launched my business at the top of 2017. For those of you who don’t know the back story, here is a video I made that is Cliff Notes In hindsight I now realize that me trying to be […]

My Biggest Mistake When I First Started My Business

For better or for worse, social media has turned us all into investigative non-trustworthy skeptics. WOW. How’s that for a personality trait? What Enneagram is that!??! By the way I have NO IDEA what mine is but that’s for a different email. Nothing good…like really good…is ever easy. If it were…we’d ALL be doing it. […]

Your Customers Need to Hear About Your Setbacks

If someone came up to you and asked you why you do what you do….do you know what you’d say? (without you word vomiting and without the person getting that GLAZED look which is Universal Human Sign for STFU!!) So do you? Rachael didn’t. Meet  Rachael who just wrapped my Founder’s Fire cohort (check out […]

I’m at it Again

So last week I made a reel and it took me a cool 754 hours to make. The content creator in me is cringing because  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Patrice| Storytelling, Personal Brand, Video Coach (@patricepoltzer) But in making that video about how I got to the bottleneck of NY […]

When My NY TV Dreams Tanked I Relied on “Belief”