Tired of putting yourself out there to crickets or agonizing over what you should share? Imagine effortlessly turning any of your marketing content into an opportunity to connect deeply and convert your audience into raving fans & repeat customers.

Even if you feel like an imposter or have a smaller audience.

The System That Turns Personal Stories Into Business Growth

Maybe you've seen me around...

I see you. You have a business or are building out your personal brand on the side of your corporate life. You are showing up pretty consistently. Following all the rules. Maybe even embracing all the social trends.

But nothing is really gaining traction and you don’t know how to “just be yourself and show up” in your marketing. (You’re trying!)

Make This the Year You Find Your Voice and Tell Stories That Spark a Movement

Well take a deep breath, because I got you.

And unfortunately this is not a trendy or sexy system and it took me three years to embrace after I launched my video company in 2017. (and I don’t want you to wait that long.)

But it works if you really want to skyrocket your business and personal brand into something sustainable and memorable.

* You’re worried about putting your REAL self online because who wants to be judged

* You're tired of all the AI-generated marketing and you want to stand out with your voice

* You're putting yourself out there but you are playing small (and you know it)

* You understand storytelling is important for business but have no idea how that translates to you


show me how!

This online program showcases the exact formula I used as an award-winning, Emmy-nominated TODAY show producer and now as a personal brand video storytelling expert who has helped thousands of business owners like you build income, influence, and impact using the stories they already have.

Your personal stories are your SUPERPOWER

While there are lots of ways to attract your ideal customers and community — no strategy is quicker or more sustainable than knowing how to tell compelling stories yourself — especially on video.

Everything you crave in your business is on the other side of your ability to tell better stories to your audience.

Trouble is, most people do not know how to:

1. Choose the right stories
2. Tell those stories through the lens of their audience
3. Tell a story period

The good news is you don’t need to be everyone’s favorite.

Just SOMEONE’s favorite. 

Unapologetically own YOUR audience and you can repel the rest

yes, thats me!

However, when a story was added, retention increased to 63%.

In today’s world, attention is the ultimate currency. If you want to sell your mission, a service or a product… you must be able to captivate attention FIRST.

Your ability to tell strategic personal stories is the most powerful marketing tool you have as a business owner — especially in our AI world.

Your audience craves connection — to you, your brand, and your product. With a record number of new businesses emerging, storytelling is your key to standing out and capturing this attention.

But hold up…maybe you’re like, “Patrice!!! I DO show up.”

“I pour my heart and soul into the business.”
“I show up fairly consistently.”
“I feel like I share valuable insights and knowledge.”

But something’s still missing right?

* You’re not converting followers into buyers.
* Maybe you’re not even converting strangers into followers.
* Your content is not getting the engagement it should for the amount of time you're putting into it.

A study by Stanford University found that when people were presented with statistics alone, only 5% of people retained the information.

…is your step-by-step framework to unlocking the “secret” of creating irresistible marketing content that attracts your people and makes you memorable — every single time.

Embrace Your Stories - Empower Your Brand

You have an audience (tiny is OK!) but they're not as engaged as you’d like.

Content creation through newsletters, video and social posts is a crucial part of your marketing strategy.

You currently have a business, a growing side hustle that you’ve launched or want to intentionally build your personal brand.

Is THIS you?

that sounds like me!

And if you’re really honest you know you're not telling enough stories in your marketing, but you literally don’t really know how to do that or what that means. (You’re not a journalist or an author after all!)

...but you're intimidated & TBH when you use ChatGPT, it spits crap back at you so you're not really understanding the hype or how it can help your business.

You know you need to dive into AI…


...you get paralyzed thinking about how to share your stories, how to stand out, and then you ask yourself if your stories even matter…and imposter syndrome comes out in full force.

You feel like a rockstar in your business until it's time to put yourself out there…


...you know you're capable of everything they have ( press, sold-out courses, podcasts, memberships and speaking gigs)…but you’re not sure how to create the attention they seem to effortlessly cause in their marketing.

You watch others in your industry — who know less than you — achieve success…


…you have a treasure trove of fill-in-the-blank templates, tips, growth hacks, and saved IG reels, but no new tactic seems to move the needle & in all honesty you throw spaghetti.

You second-guess what marketing content will resonate and spend hours on it…



An engaged community that will drive revenue for you

The ability to not get caught up in all the social content trends so you can get off your phone

More opportunities to be seen, heard, valued and paid without feeling “salesy” or “cringe”

The confidence of knowing which personal stories will strengthen your professional reputation & bank account

Systems + proven frameworks to seamlessly weave your stories into ALL of your marketing

But you know what you do want:

How do I even write a story? 

I don’t want to share too much of myself in my business, so what is the balance?

What if I put my vulnerable stories out there and it damages my brand?

How do I make storytelling work across all my marketing platforms?

how to share
is another hurdle

What if I bare my soul and no one resonates with it?

How do I translate my life into compelling narratives?

Are my experiences interesting enough?

What stories should I share?

Here’s what you’ve asked me:

what to share
is half 'the battle'

So what’s holding you back from unlocking your storytelling power?

- Allison Tenney

"The difference is you, your unique take, your voice, your story that attracts people to you. And I know somebody who does it the best because she taught me."

student love

But what if you could confidently turn all of your marketing content into a magnetic story (Not even joking here!) without all the overwhelm and doubt? 

What if you had a framework that allows you to look at your own moments and see how they could automatically be turned into compelling content for your audience?

Well now you do.

But first…

The myth of "just be consistent" needs to be put to rest.
You've bought into the conventional wisdom that regularly showing up on social media will automatically translate into business success.

But that’s simply not true.
I know a lot of people who show up on socials day in and day out and can’t sell a program or book a free discovery call.
Don't just consistently show up - consistently captivate.

True consistency requires courageously sharing your raw, real stories and perspectives regularly over time.

I AM showing up all the time! 

Doubt No. 3

Neither do I.

My multiple 6-figure business is a testament to how even a community of 1,500 email subscribers, less than 10,000 Instagram followers, and 4500 LinkedIn followers can be enough when you are connecting to them on a deeper, human level in your marketing and they trust you to serve them.

I am living proof you need a fanatical audience, not a huge one.

Connecting DEEP to your small but loyal community through your stories allows for ground evangelists, repeat business and referrals that show up daily in your inboxes. Don’t focus on “more followers”…focus on converting and nurturing the ones you do have. 

I don’t have a big audience

Doubt No. 2

It's easy to believe that no one cares about your stories these days. Content overload and fleeting attention spans make it seem impossible for your personal stories to stand out. But dismissing your stories would be a major missed opportunity.

What you do isn’t unique. But YOU are and that is why someone will buy from YOU and not the thousands of other people who do or sell the same product or service.

Audiences are tired of curated perfection and highlight reels…and crave vulnerability and realness in marketing. You are remarkable as is and your stories are your best asset to make someone care about your business fast.

No one cares about my stories…it’s about my [insert service or product]

Doubt No. 1

Let’s put Those doubts To Rest

(They're Holding You Back)

We are seeing more fakes, AI-generated content and more of the SAME everywhere we look.

YOUR ability to tell the right stories to your audience and garner TRUST has never felt more urgent.

The value of your personal brand has never been higher…

You would be growing a business that’s actually supporting the kind of life where you're attracting your best opportunities with ease.

Your inbox and DMs would be filled with people coming to YOU — you’d be seen as an authority in your space and the one your audience wants. 

You would create a RABID following — the kind that would buy anything you sell (including your ideas) and be your biggest ground evangelists.

You could get off the content trend hamster wheel without losing sales and momentum in your business.

You would build organic hype around your offers without feeling sales sleazy.

What it would feel like to finally have a deep understanding of how to personally show up in your marketing.

So now I want you to IMAGINE…

Because I’ve done it myself…and have taught my storytelling frameworks to thousands of other experts and online entrepreneurs like you.

It’s not!

Sound too good to be true?

- krystal

"But she is so good at what she does that she asked me these really powerful questions..."

student love

Here’s a little bit of my story.

When I first launched my NYC video production company in 2017 I was on NOTHING.

Told no stories. (which was ironic as I told them for a living as an award-winning TODAY show producer for six years.)

My Instagram was private.

Linkedin HUH?

Emails for what?

I thought of myself as being completely separate from my business and was so focused on the ground closing brand deals, I didn’t think at all about online marketing or the dirty dirty word that was…“PERSONAL BRAND.”

But wait…have we officially met? 

When I FINALLY opened up my Instagram (in 2019) I shared quotes that weren't even mine (cringe!) or "influencer-wannabee" poses because I didn't understand what "strategic storytelling" meant when it was applied to me or how important it was to have a personal brand.

“But what do I share?”

“Aren’t I too late at this point?”

“Who cares what I have to say because I’m not in TV anymore?”

It was a total blind spot and set me back

But when Covid shut down all of my production and I was pregnant with my 3rd kid in a small NYC apartment with rent to pay…funny how all of a sudden you can get out of your own head and put yourself out there. (Baby was in the corner)...Dirty Dancing reference anyone, anyone...?

So I started telling stories & showing up fully as me to my audience in the summer of 2020 (side note: I wanted to DIE in the beginning).

I wove stories into every part of my marketing and used them to forge authentic connections so when I did speak about my services…people were willing to listen.

That's when things really started taking off in my business.

The reason?


Unfortunately, this was not an ironic photo.

New Revenue streams appeared

Repeat buyers were my jam

I started organically building a community of attentive fans around me. Ones who then asked me to “help them” in their video marketing and storytelling. By the end of 2020 in only six months, I had made close to $30K of brand new revenue in the form of $200 live zoom bootcamps. The “aha!” light bulb had gone off.

Buyers who'd jump on my offers as soon as they launched because my storytelling was hitting nerves. (And I had the right stories to support where they were in their journey.)

Buyers who'd post about my products on their socials without me ever asking.

True. Impromptu. Brand ambassadors. Ones who are still with me today…and continue to buy my new offers and give me testimonials unprompted.

My multiple 6-figure business is a testament to how even a community of 1,500 email subscribers, less than 10,000 Instagram followers & even less on LinkedIn can be enough when they're loyal, invested in how you serve them, and they feel for you on a human level.

- Laura BEck

"I have signed up for more than one of Patrice's programs and classes and I would definitely sign up for another one in the future
(and I probably will)."

student love


You are an original, and human connection will always beat out any other marketing strategy. 

It’s not flashy, but boring is profitable.

Welcome to Embrace Your Stories - Empower Your Brand

The system for people who want to build their personal brand in order to have more impact, income, and influence in their business and careers. The only storytelling program with proven frameworks and systems from someone who told stories at the highest levels in the NYC media and brand world.

The program includes 4 core courses in the curriculum that you’ll implement to increase your ability to connect deeper with your audience from a totally authentic place. (I’m sorry I used the “A” word but it had to be done.)

Ignite Your Narrative with AI

Course #1 (Value: $157)

Understand YOUR audience at the deepest level. Use my AI Emotional Analysis to enhance your stories and content so they resonate with the inner fears, desires, and aspirations of your target audience — the Holy Grail of strategic marketing. (Psst...in the past, this would take MONTHS of research and tons of $$.)

Not anymore.

Course #3 (Value: $597)

Your Magnetic Mission

Why do you do what you do?”
****wide eyes. Silence.
****proceeds to word vomit.

Sound familiar? Yep…Articulating your BIG WHY and mission, in short, rallying elevator pitches, is not easy. Your WHY and deep-rooted beliefs are the heart and soul of all the stories you tell, but if you can’t convey that to someone easily, you’ll miss out on connecting before you’ve even had the chance. This course will have the right people flocking to you at networking events, for podcasts & sales calls, and online.

Course #2 (Value: $119)

Stand Out On Screen

Telling stories is powerful. Telling stories on video is even more powerful. We’re talking how to show up on camera and speak to your audience directly (something I did for years as a producer at The TODAY show). This course teaches you how to deliver authentic stories via video without social media gimmicks, using just you to articulate your BIG WHY & get people flocking to your stories.

Course #4 (Value: $597)

Hook, Hold & Hypnotize

Leverage my step-by-step framework to make any piece of content you have into a riveting story AND structure them in a way that makes your audience hooked & damn excited to buy (the same structures I used as an award-winning TODAY show producer). It will forever change the way you view your marketing. You will think in story. You have been warned!

I'm ready to embrace my stories.

VIP Access (Value: $9,997)


Starting in April, we’ll meet once a week for eight weeks, and you’ll have access to me in a private Facebook community as you go through this storytelling program. Come with your questions, stories you’re creating, and anything else you’d like my eyes on as you work on building your personal brand through strategic storytelling and marketing.

Yes! I want vip access.

bonus (VALUE: $397)

The Embrace-To-Empower Storytelling Lounge

Who doesn’t love templates, tools and fill-in-the-blanks with examples to support? Here, you will have access to all of my best templates. And yes, this also includes my emails (with an average 70% open rate)! (I get a lot of “Do you write your own newsletter” DMs and the answer is yes!) Look for prompts, hooks, and reverse engineering on some of my most successful storytelling captions, posts, and sales & welcome emails.

- Maria

"Working with Patrice was one of the best choices I have ever made... She really cares about seeing her students succeed... She wants you to get the most out of her program."

student love

Get On The Waitlist

  • Complete Course Access
  • Ignite Your Narrative with AI
  • Stand Out on Screen
  • Your Magnetic Mission
  • Hook, Hold & Hypnotize
  • Embrace-To-Empower Storytelling Lounge
  • Email Templates
  • AI Prompts
  • Hook Templates

Bundle Value: $1,867

DIY Content Confidence

Get On The Waitlist

Get On The Waitlist

  • Complete Course Access
  • Ignite Your Narrative with AI
  • Stand Out on Screen
  • Your Magnetic Mission
  • Hook, Hold & Hypnotize
  • Embrace-To-Empower Storytelling Lounge
  • Email Templates
  • AI Prompts
  • Hook Templates
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 8 Weeks of Coaching with Patrice Poltzer

VIP Custom Story Guidance

Bundle Value: $11,864

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It’s about audience growth strategies and personal brand building that feels intentional and true to who you are.

It’s about marketing that feels creative, fun and not stressful or cringe strategic business hat on.

It’s about connecting with your audience and seeing your social platforms grow with future buyers and no trending audio in sight. 

It’s about fundamentally understanding you are your best bet and your ultimate superpower in business.

This isn't just about how to improve your Personal storytelling…

It’s about using AI to help you emotionally connect in your business which isn’t how most people use it.

Let’s make 2024 the year you decide to go all in on your personal brand storytelling journey. And become a connection powerhouse.

It’s about not being afraid of video and feeling confident to show up and speak directly to your community and teams.


What if I don't have any personal stories to tell? As impossible as it is to believe, we ALL have moments in our everyday lives that can be mined for captivating storytelling. This system will show you how.

If you’re this far down the page, you probably have some more questions.

What if I’ve never gone on video before? Everyone who is “killing it” on video started in the exact same spot as you — a little unsure and not confident.

What if I'm not a good storyteller? I call BS! Storytelling is science & art…and I can teach even the most inexperienced storytellers to unlock their inner raconteur.

What if my videos suck? Being masterful on video takes practice but the good news is, you don’t need to be perfect on camera to tell great stories. But you do have to start…so what are you waiting for?

Sounds Great. I'm in!

Get on the Waitlist

  • Complete Course Access
  • Ignite Your Narrative with AI
  • Stand Out on Screen
  • Your Magnetic Mission
  • Hook, Hold & Hypnotize
  • Embrace-To-Empower Storytelling Lounge
  • Email Templates
  • AI Prompts
  • Hook Templates

Bundle Value: $1,867

DIY Content Confidence

Get On The Waitlist

  • Complete Course Access
  • Ignite Your Narrative with AI
  • Stand Out on Screen
  • Your Magnetic Mission
  • Hook, Hold & Hypnotize
  • Embrace-To-Empower Storytelling Lounge
  • Email Templates
  • AI Prompts
  • Hook Templates
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 8 Weeks of Coaching with Patrice Poltzer

VIP Custom Story Guidance

Bundle Value: $11,864

This strategy works.
My process works.
But only if you’re a part of it.


I am the kind of person who gets triggered when people say, “I don’t have a story.”

I get so triggered by this that I have made it my life mission to prove anyone who claims this wrong and help them uncover their (very much not vanilla) story.

After six years as an award-winning producer at the TODAY show, I saw firsthand the power of great storytelling for businesses — especially when founders came on the show.

I left at the peak of my career in 2016 after winning a Gracie Award for my storytelling to join a media startup.

The start-up job was — in the most cliche way — horrific. But without that self-esteem-destroying experience, I probably wouldn’t have gone off on my own to build a NY-based storytelling company helping founders uncover and share compelling narratives.

I have worked with brands like Afterpay, Lululemon, and Netflix to strengthen their stories.

When COVID forced things online, I found my groove teaching virtual workshops and coaching founders on captivating storytelling.

I strongly believe the stories we tell shape our realities. I will die on that hill.

By taking control of our narratives, we can shape how we and our businesses are perceived and attract our ideal customers. In other words, we CAN control our destiny…through storytelling.

Today, I live in Lisbon (yes, Lisbon!), made possible by storytelling. I now make most of my revenue online and am not tied to closing NYC video client deals…which, if it sounds stressful… IT. WAS!!! My family of three boys and a husband decided to take this European adventure in August 2023.

None of this would have been possible had I not chosen to lean into my personal brand in 2020.

I’m Patrice Poltzer. Also known as the go-to person who turns entrepreneurs into storytelling machines.

Who The Heck Am I To
Promise All Of This?

The day we landed in Lisbon after living in NYC for 12 years

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