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Let's join forces with AI to help you Craft Your Irresistible Why Story

…would you finally commit the time needed to bring your story out into the world?

If there was a step-by-step path to help you articulate your founder story using AI without sounding generic, boring, or bland…

I want in!

Because what you do isn’t unique.
But WHY you do what you do is priceless.

That WHY story, your founder story, done right with a dash of AI secret sauce….

…can be the reason dream clients, customers, press, investors come knocking at your door ready to commit.

I’ve invested over 18 months in perfecting the step-by-step process of how to combine the 5 Cs of storytelling with AI to shorten your time-to-story while keeping your plot and voice alive.

Every once in a while, on a rare, momentous occasion, SOMETHING stops the scroll, leads to a profile visit, then a website visit, and ultimately, to them whipping out their credit card and punching in those digits.

Every day, THOUSANDS of your ideal potential clients are scrolling, looking for solutions to their pressing needs. 

More often than not, that something is a well-told STORY from YOU.

Craft the right story and stop even the most addicted scroller in their tracks, sparking a wave of interest and intrigue for how you can help them.

YES, the solution you offer them matters. Of course.

And you MUST have a fab product or service… (because even masterful storytelling will betray you if your stuff quite simply…sucks).

And even so it turns out that….

What is that something that stops the scroll?

Your story is the ultimate matchmaker…

…and it does so much more than just capture attention.

It turns that attention into trust.
Into curiosity.
Into excitement about working with you or buying from you specifically!

…and you want People buying your stuff because it’s YOU who’s offering it, then you need to leverage your WHY story.

If you’re thinking about using your stories in your business for…

  • Conversation

  • Connection

  • Community

  • Conversion

Get The Ignite Your Narrative With AI Masterclass

The Impact of A Well Told Story

The most clear-cut, ‘what’s working now’ AI storytelling framework that ENABLES you to make the most of current tech to write your high-impact, big-engagement story - in the most compelling way possible.

Including the last Founder’s Fire cohorts' and my own materials…

I'm on a mission to make storytelling easier for you....through proven frameworks -the same I use in my high-ticket programs and used as an award-winning TODAY show producer.

How to Use AI to Craft Your Unique WHY Story 

A Patrice Poltzer Masterclass


Ignite your Narrative

A Few Student Voices

An easy-to-follow, IGNITE YOUR NARRATIVE System, that gives you a crystal clear, *can’t fail* roadmap for repeatedly turning events of your life into captivating narratives.

The Result?

Narratives that will…

Connect to…
Build trust with…

your audience

Ready to cash in on your business’s most important asset?

Get The Ignite Your Narrative With AI Masterclass

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makes sure:

Your story is structured in a way that hooks your audience from the first 2 seconds of the video or the first paragraph on the page

Your story connects with your reader or listener in a way that makes them root for you 

Your story builds a pulsing crescendo, keeping your audience on their tippy toes all the way until the hero (you) have said your part

You aren’t staring mindlessly at a blank page wondering “how to tell your amazing story.”

All of this while keeping true to your narrative, your voice & not sounding like you ran your story through AI.

Get The Ignite Your Narrative With AI Masterclass

I am the kind of person who gets triggered when people say, ‘I don’t have a story.”

I get so triggered by this that I have made it my life mission to prove anyone who claims this wrong, and in fact, help them uncover their (very much not vanilla story.)

After 6 years as an award-winning producer at the TODAY show, I saw firsthand the power of great storytelling for businesses and especially when the founders came on the show.

I left at the peak of my career in 2016 after winning a Gracie Award for my storytelling to join a media startup.

The start-up job was in the most cliche way, horrific. But without that self-esteem-destroying experience, I probably wouldn’t have gone off on my own to build a NY-based storytelling company helping founders uncover and share compelling narratives.

I have worked with brands like Afterpay, Lululemon, and Netflix to strengthen their stories.

When COVID forced things online, I found my groove teaching virtual workshops and coaching founders on captivating storytelling.

I strongly believe the stories we tell shape our realities. I will die on that hill.
By taking control of our narratives, we can shape how we and our businesses are perceived and attract our ideal customers. In other words, we CAN control our destiny… through storytelling.

Who The Heck Am I To Promise All Of This?

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Ignite Your Narrative with AI


This is WHY I am bringing this workshop to you.

Because even though this is a masterclass focused on using AI in storytelling, I am a storyteller at heart (and in every other way, too), so we will be covering all of this.

You’ll be learning my 5Cs, the same story framework I’ve used as a producer at the Today show and the very one I use with my 1:1 clients.

And, you’ll be learning where AI should take the field, and where you should add a little personal magic.

I have never yet met a person who didn’t have a story of shared humanity that many of us could relate to.

And I have also never met anyone who didn’t lead from the assumption that their story was not worth telling.

Not worth sharing.

Can you imagine if people stuck to these assumptions, how much human magic we’d be missing out on?

What amount of inspiration we’d forego?

Oh, and let’s not forget, the best storytellers are those that tell us about their most relatable struggles, those that are so widely met in everyday life.

You don’t need to have a superhero comic plot to connect with your audience through sharing your story.

Not if you do it right.

I use AI in my signature high-ticket founder’s story program (called Founder’s Fire).

Not to brag, but do you think anyone would make an almost 5-figure investment to get a cookie-cutter, boring version of what should be a public reflection on their life?

Also, can you see me, promoter of putting it all on the table, oversharer supreme (not that I actually believe there’s such a thing as oversharing), take a path that would remove authenticity from the equation.

Not a chance.

I’m teaching this class because I’m tired of seeing all the templated storytelling shared out there, the kind where the founder’s voice gets lost in the process.

All this to say, AI can be a masterful helper, if used correctly. Let’s get you there.

1.  What if I don’t know how to structure my stories? Or even where to start?

2.  What if I don’t have a story?

3.  Doesn’t using Ai for storytelling make the story bland and soulless?

Using AI is a two-sided coin.

Yes, prompt packages are sexy.

But, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, lots of them are very barebones and lead you down rabbit holes you didn’t know existed.

That is the path to spending more time on learning AI than it would have taken you to write the thing in the first place.

Then again, Ignite Your Narrative with AI is a storytelling-specific masterclass, where you learn to use AI to leverage your most valuable (and yet low hanging fruit) assets, your stories.

It’s a process that requires you opening up, owning your story, understanding storytelling structure, hooks and how to get AI to help you with all of that.

4. There are a gazillion AI prompt packages & AI courses out there. How is this MASTERCLASS any different?

Get The Ignite Your Narrative With AI Masterclass

Get The Ignite Your Narrative With AI Masterclass

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