What an effective prompt looks like for getting to the emotional core of your business

How you should be thinking about AI if you want to use it to tell stories in your business

What you’ll learn:


Use AI to emotionally connect with your audience and tell better stories 

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What aspects of your story will appeal best to your audience and why (with help from AI)

How to get to the deeper wants and needs of your audience, using AI

it's time to think outside the email subject and hook ideas box

...connection built through YOUR stories

A study by Stanford University found that when people were presented with statistics alone, only 5% of people retained the information. 

However, when a story was added, retention increased to 63%.

And the good news is your lived experiences and stories are YOURS…AI cannot replicate them.

But we CAN use AI to strategically connect to your customer and audience using your own arsenal of memorable moments

Your stories are the most powerful marketing tool you have as a business owner…(even more so now that AI can do most things quicker and often better than us)

And I say that as a former award-winning former Today show producer who spent years telling other people’s stories and getting business owners on the show.

It was always the powerful and vulnerable stories they pitched me that would seal the deal. 

AI is now making storytelling easier for people who do not identify as a storyteller…

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If you would have told me a year ago that I would be running sold-out workshops and speaking publicly about how to use AI to emotionally connect through our stories I would not have believed you.

I would get a visceral “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP TALKING ABOUT AI” reaction

Why a professional storyteller uses AI?

But then one day, a script from one of my storytelling students changed everything.

It was so heavily ChatGPTed and devoid of her humanness, I had no choice but to dive into the land of AI and figure out how to thoughtfully use and teach it.

I have now fully implemented AI into ALL of my storytelling programs, workshops & video client work.

And I’m not talking about the “free CHAT GPT prompt list” we have ALL downloaded!

Hundreds of my students have used my storytelling AI processes and what I’m most proud of -is not the AI bit -but the storytelling part. 

As the founder of an international video storytelling company who is highly
triggered when people say,
‘I don’t have a story”...

Business experts who did not use storytelling because they didn’t know how have now felt inspired by my AI training to go
full force into their storytelling era. 

The same entrepreneurs who came to me INSISITING “they didn’t have a story and no one would care what they would have to say.”

A recent transplant from NY to Lisbon I’ve been running a video storytelling company since 2017 and have helped thousands of people like you SHOW. THE. F. UP in their business in the most fun and connective way -through storytelling.

I’m Patrice Poltzer. Also known as the go-to person who turns entrepreneurs into storytelling machines.

Hi Meet Patrice

I created a reel if you would rather learn a bit more about that story through video.

I hang out mostly on Instagram and also Linkedin.

I have worked with brands like Afterpay, Lululemon, and Netflix to strengthen their stories and when COVID forced things online, I found my groove teaching virtual workshops and coaching founders on captivating storytelling. Turns out I love teaching and get amazing results for my students -and have had more than 500 business owners come through my programs.

Originally from Chicago, I now live between NY and Lisbon with my 3 boys and share way too much on the Gram. Come for the crazy, stay for my marketing and storytelling advice.
So glad you are here!

The start-up job was in the most cliche way, horrific ( I should probably capitalize HORRIFIC) That’s better.

But without that self-esteem destroying experience, I probably wouldn’t have gone off on my own to build a storytelling company helping founders & leaders uncover and share compelling narratives.