Our clients include national brands, startups, and entrepreneurs.
Regardless of their size or industry, we always aim to capture the essence of the brand while accomplishing their business goals.

discover the power of video storytelling, put to good use by some of our past clients.

A few of Our Past Projects

...is an app that allows you to shop thousands of brands, online and in-store, and “buy now” but “pay later.”  
Our project with them: A social media promo video fueled by user-generated content ( UGC) from their small business partners that would be posted on the final day of one of their biggest site-wide sales of the year.

Our goal: To create a fun, short and personality-driven video that matched the energy of the day.

Our process: Before we could create the video, we had to source our UGC content from the Afterpay community. This required us to record a “best practice” video for shooting on their phones From the resulting videos, we selected the best of the bites.

Our result: A quick turnaround video mashing up the best user-generated content, which not only highlighted AfterPay’s support of small business owners, but allowed the selected business owners to be spotlighted on the AfterPay social platforms.  A win-win moment for all! 

The video got lots of engagement from their followers who responded by tagging the small business they have shopped at during the sale, creating even more spotlight for the Afterpay small business community. 

The video highlighted the human side of buying through Afterpay and prompted followers and viewers to associate using Afterpay with the sympathetic act of supporting small businesses.

1. Afterpay...

The new talent-project matching platform Nuuwork arose as an answer to the question “Just because that’s always been, does it mean it’s the way it always has to be?”. 

Shannan Monson’s answer was a resounding NO.

Founder and CEO of NuuWork, Shannan wondered if women and minorities - people that weren’t in the equation when the current 9-to-5 Mon - Fri, commuting to the office working structure was implemented all the way back in 1926 - had the opportunity to change this structure, what would it look like?

The platform is meant to serve people who don’t want to work traditional 9-to-5s, 40-hour work weeks and who have upskilled to serve the need for further digitalization that arose in the face of the pandemic and their employers.

The goal for this video was to be creative and write a script that would be relatable to her target audience but also would appeal to the investors.

It was shot in half a day in New York City. The script writing took about 6 weeks. 

Shannan used this video as a landing page tease to drum up her email list and raise millions of USD in investment.

2. Nuuwork...

...came to us at the top of her game. A former-Google-exec-turned-career coach for underfulfilled overachievers, Megan saw her fame spike after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raved about her coaching in a magazine interview. 

Her goal was to elevate her brand assets to the level she was now operating at.

The video we created together was scripted and we collaboratively worked on capturing her personality while still showcasing who she served in her business.

Our aim was to tell her story in the context of her present brand, without being overly serious. 

And at the same time, we wanted her target audience of “underfullfilled overachievers” to connect to her story and feel inspired by where they could be going with Megan’s help.

The result is a combination of brand and founder story told in a way that not only entertains, but moves her target audience to action.  

3. Megan Hellerer...

a few of our amazing clients


“I just wanted to send a huge thank you to you and your team for such a great day yesterday. You guys made the day super productive and also feel effortless. I appreciate the attention to detail and overall positive vibes everyone brought to the "set". Please share our thank you with the rest of the crew."


“Patrice is super creative & eager to get everything perfect. Her team never rushes a shot or a round of editing, and she shares her thought process in a really clear and comprehensive way that makes sense for the brand. Her ability to switch gears from brand style to brand style amazes me, not everyone can do that well. Patrice was the perfect compliment for our brand."


“There was a lot of positive feedback from our executive team on this video. Thank you again for all your help and putting up with all of us!”


"Patrice is an expert at merging the art and science of video production (for all screens), and is able to bring a journalist’s marked curiosity, a writer’s gift for storytelling, a filmmaker’s eye for drama (or comedy), and an MBA’s focus on strategy to each project. Call her now!"


"We're so happy with how these [videos] turned out, thank you to everyone on your team for such great work. We're excited for this launch!”


“This is so special to me. Thank you so very much for making this come to life in the way I always hoped it would. I love it!"

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