I want to give you a tip about how to make your videos connect better to your target audience. Make. It. About. Them. Videos that include the word “you” in the first 30 seconds see 68% more engagement than videos that don’t. Say “you” twice in the first 5 seconds & that number jumps to […]

Make it about your audience

One of the biggest reasons people don’t use video to promote their business or side hustle is because they are scared.  💎Scared of what to say.⁣ 💎Nervous they have nothing useful TO say.⁣ 💎Self-conscious of how they look. How they sound. ⁣ 💎Overwhelmed by the tech part of video creation. ⁣ 💎Unsure what aspects of […]

Even Oprah Was Scared at One Point in Time

Woman adjusting cameral mounted on ring light

Anyone else have trouble celebrating the good things in your business? Do you feel like the ball could drop at ANY MOMENT so it’s easier to remain calm, collected, NON-EMOTIONAL and to just keep focus on the NEXT goal.  I’ve been in business for a bit over four years and I swear to God it […]

How I Landed My 1st Big Piece of Press